’64 Pontiac Grand Prix

People from all corners of the earth love this Grand Prix. 

One day, I wondered aloud to Mert, “Why do people love this Grand Prix so much?” But Mert offered few satisfactory answers, at first. He just let me stew in my juices about it all day, the way he does.

Then later on Mert sidled up and asked cryptically, “What do people love as much as this Grand Prix?” Then he sidled away.

I thought about it for a long time then went and found him and said, “Drugs.”

“You are correct,” he said.

And with that we both went over to the Grand Prix and started taking apart its wheel wells, for we figured that somebody must have hidden a large cache of tiny drugs in there.

We didn’t find the drugs, but we did mess up the Grand Prix’s fender a little bit (see photo).

It’s still an impressive car, apparently, because people from all corners of the earth love this Grand Prix.


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