Why Has the Machine Forsaken Us



We “borrowed” this Komatsu fork lift from a tiny Costco

If you call the Ebay customer service folks—nice people!—and ask them if they have some ideas about why your listings have suddenly become completely invisible in some extremely important types of searches (a situation that seems to be the culprit in the tiny car lot’s sales dwindling by about 80% in recent months compared to the glory days of the previous summer) the first thing they’ll do is roll their eyeballs, almost violently. You can hear it over the phone. They get this kind of thing all the time. Yeah right! Not bloody likely! they want to say. But of course they can’t say anything like that. They have to go and do a search and find your listings to prove you wrong, and then break the news to you in a gentle and gracious fashion. After several minutes of searching, however, you’ll hear a bemused “Huh!” They can’t find the listings where they are supposed to be, and they don’t know why. Now this is strange! they say. Unfortunately, the Ebay algorithm turns out to be about as much of a mystery to the help crew as it is to the customers. Their suggestions are well-meant, but useless. They don’t know. Perhaps there is not one single human being in the world who knows exactly why the Machine has shunned the tiny car lot. But if you are that human being, please, drop us a line. In the meantime, if you collect or otherwise enjoy the tiny cars, take a minute and scroll through the goods on Ebay. Lots of Tomica going on (aka Pocket Cars), Matchbox, Corgi for the discerning collector and everybody else too.

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