Finding Time

Since we last talked I built a few trucks. Small ones. Big small ones though.

I find this RC rock crawling action to be very fun and relaxing. Forces you to really look at some rocks. Building the trucks was a hoot too. But it makes me feel like a very silly man when I mess around with big small RC trucks and with the ultimate time clock ticking louder and faster in my ear, it doesn’t happen very often. Can everybody not hear that?!

Note the painted-on logos on the C10 body. I was inspired to give it a try by a famous RC painter called Hemistorm. All the paint and masking tape goes on the inside of the clear lexan body (allowing us to fall off cliffs without scratching up the paint) so it’s an interesting puzzle trying to figure out how to get the design drawn inside there on top of the tape, then to calculate the proper sequence of colors to paint and which pieces of masking tape to remove and when. All the cuts in the tape are made prior to any painting. The process is greatly complicated by the fact that a paint layer behind another layer will affect the way the first layer looks. And by the fact that doing all that intricate work inside the truck body is freakin’ hard, man. Also designed a sheet of custom decals but making those things turns out to be as funked up of a process as the logo-painting.

I think it turned out pretty nice for a first try and I’d like to do some more of this stuff with more intricate designs — if I can find the time.