Volkswagen 1600 TL

When Mert drove this beauty onto the lot this morning my eyes lit up.

“I used to drive a Fastback just like that!” I yelled at him, running from the office hut with my arms flailing.

 “You used to drive one like THIS?? How freakin’ old ARE YOU, MAN??” 

Sometimes you gotta just ignore Mert.

“Except mine was yellow, and the entire right rear quarter-panel was missing. This thing is sweeeeet.” I ran my hand over the smooth shiny red fender. Then I proceeded to relate to Mert the whole story of my old VW that used to spray snow at me through the vents in the morning and which ended its useful life perched on a fire hydrant, front wheels spinning in the air while “Radioactive” by The Firm continued to play on the radio. Mert pretended not to listen but I’m pretty sure he was really into the story.

Truth is I have never been in the presence of a nicer-looking vintage VW than this Excellent-plus 1967 model. It has very minor paint wear, looks great.

“Mert, whatever you paid for this, it wasn’t enough.” He just pretended not to listen.


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