’69 Ford GT

“Notice any patterns emerging with the cars you’re featuring on the website, Bob?” Mert asked. Always speaking in riddles.

It didn’t take long to figure it out. Red. One red car after another.

“I like red.”

“Sure, who doesn’t like red? All I’m saying is it would be nice to see something different once in a while.”

So we rolled out the white ’69 Ford GT with its unusual wheels: thin, five-spoke wheels, not the fat ones we usually associate with the Matchbox “Superfast” cars of the 1970s. This was one of the “transitional Superfast” cars that Lesney made in 1969, when the company was in a cold sweat and suffering night terrors about its new flashy, fast competitor from the West, Hot Wheels. This car is the embodiment of existential fear. It represents a moment in time, when one era ended and another began.

“A real piece of history right here,” Mert said.

He was right as usual. The GT is more rare and more important than most Matchbox cars, and this one doesn’t have too much paint wear and rolls great. Still, I put it on the block for a very sober price of $18.


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