Rolls Royce Silver Shadow, Metallic Red

Mert and I just sat in this car, taking it in. It’s probably the nicest car we’ve got on the lot right now. Neither of us wanted to get out, but we were both afraid to drive it for fear of dinging the paint.

“Smell that?” Mert asked. He took a long sniff.

“Corinthian leather?”

“No, man. Corruption. I can smell it.”

“Smells pretty good,” I noted.

“Yeah, we’d better get out before we stink it up beyond repair with our stinky tiny bodies.”

And he was right as usual so we went back to the office and watched Chuck Woolery on the tiny tiny television.

I gotta put the color in the title for this post. It is so…lustrous. Luxurious. Like the car is coated in red velvet, or maybe the blood of the proletariat. Red. Deep metallic red.


One thought on “Rolls Royce Silver Shadow, Metallic Red

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