Thank you for shopping at Bob’s!

Almost all the action is taking place on Ebay these days. We have lots of stuff for sale there on an ongoing basis. Check it out: Bobsusedcarlot.

Our shipping charges are as low as you can get when shipping with a box. All diecast models should be shipped in a box – models shipped in bubble packs often don’t survive the trip. We ship internationally as well but can’t necessarily guarantee shipments against loss when shipping overseas, because the usual insurance and tracking mechanisms aren’t in place.

As most of you know by now, the US Postal Service has been delivering much slower than in years past. Slower and more expensive is the name of the game, at the expense of small businesses and individual humans across the land. I don’t know what to say about this, except you can expect your delivery to cost more and take longer these days. We apologize for this growing inconvenience. At the present time we still find USPS to be the most reliable and economical option but customers may request alternate shipping methods.

We aim to please! Every effort has been made to accurately describe and photograph the models for sale, including their notable flaws, so please read all item descriptions carefully and check photos before ordering. If you’d like to see more photos or learn more about any vehicle in particular, feel free to ask. But you can buy with confidence from this lot. We’re not out to fool people with tricky, less-than-honest descriptions or fuzzy photos of models.

Please note that these are vintage items with varying degrees of physical wear/damage, which may or may not be practical for use as actual toys for children, if that is your intention. As far as I know, everything we sell at Bob’s Used Car Lot is original unless otherwise noted. However, it is always possible that something will sneak by. In that case, or any other reasonable scenario, within a reasonable amount of time (as determined solely by Mert), Bob’s Used Car Lot will refund the cost of the item if it is returned in original as-sold condition. (Currently we offer 30-day returns on all our ebay auctions.)

And if you know of anybody with a large collection of vintage diecast vehicles in mint condition they’d like to sell, send em our direction!

Thank you and have a great one,

Bob and Mert