The Queen’s Corgies

Not the four-legged ones, but the four-wheeled ones. Even cuter than the doggies, I’d say.

Upon further research, I don’t think these were really the Queen’s, so we will probably have to adjust some of the billboards that we bought. Maybe Prince Andrew’s? Definitely some royal lineage represented here. Very well-preserved.

We’re going to try and corral some more of these 1950s and 60s-vintage 1:43 Corgis onto the lot, as they have been known to fetch quite a few quid in this condition, even without the boxes. Here we have a No. 337 Chevrolet Corvette Sting Ray Stock Car and a No. 245 Buick Riviera, both made in England during the 1960s, and pampered at some royale garage ever since.

We’re going to have to discuss those decals at some point.

Packin’ What?

When Mert drove this thing onto the lot we both started laughing our tiny asses off. Been a long time since we’d seen a Pacer! Both of us grew up in the midst of the Pacer/Gremlin era of American motoring. Japanese auto makers were looking to … what’s that word that means to completely suck out the innards and life blood from a living beast, leaving only a dessicated shell? Whatever that word is, that’s what Toyota and Honda were in the process of doing at the time. It was a time before American auto makers could be assured of one bailout after another, gas prices were going wild, and they were in a panic. Their panic was a generally good consequence of the oil shock of the early 70s. At least they had to reevaluate, which they’re not doing much of now. But Gremlins and Pacers and a whole list of ill-advised and frankly hilarious chaos came out of North American factories (US, Canada and Mexico) in response.

This little Hot Wheels Packin’ Pacer, like a time machine from the late 1970s with its excellently preserved decals and paint, forces observers to wonder just what is being packed here. But then you look in the back, and there’s like a drag racing motor back there. Isn’t that dangerous? Looks dangerous! But they probably know what they’re doing. Mert says no problem. Take it for a test drive today!


New Batch of Lesneys

Quite a haul. Nice stuff. A small bit of paint damage – most in what we call Excellent Condition (see the explanation of terms over on your right). No super rare ones as far as I know, but I don’t know that far. Experienced collectors could do themselves some favors by sorting through my inventory and checking for whatever jewels might be laying on the ground over there, ready to be plucked. No doubt I’ve sold some highly sought-after pieces for the proverbial penny, simply because I am a stupid, stupid man. My ignorance is your opportunity. Maybe we will paint that on the water tower.

No. 45 Vauxhall Victor, made in 1958